Surgenly for GI: The Gold Standard on Patient Communication

Toolkit for GI patient communications:

Provide your patients with evidence-based information on virtually all GI topics.

Increase efficiency with pre- and post-procedure automation of tasks.

Decrease liability with airtight documentation.

Increase patient satisfaction and engagement.

Easy documentation on your current EHR.

For Your Practice

Save provider time: Be concise, yet patients will understand their conditions better.

Standardize messages, including  your APPs’.

Minimize liability with clear, well documented processes

Automated processes improve staff efficiency

Increase compliance, decrease no-shows and poor preps

For Your Patients

Patients review their personalized information at their own pace, anywhere, on any device.

Practical information (preps, for instance) at the patient’s fingertips

On polling, patients overwhelmingly welcomed this resource

Better informed patients have better outcomes**

Proven Reasons

Post-Anesthesia Retention of Information

After anesthesia, patients had little recall, and frequently had total amnesia, especially if information was given in the early postoperative period (within 40 minutes)

Blandford CM, et al. Anaesthesia. 2011

Post-colonoscopy testimonial from a real patient:

“Dr. came in an talked to me. I do not remember anything he said.
The nurse said that I answered him. It was pretty funny.
But I did not remember what he said this time or when he talked to me last time.”

**Better Informed Patients=Better Outcomes


“…policies and interventions aimed at strengthening patientsrole in managing their health care can contribute to improved outcomes”

Hibbard JH. Health Affairs. 2013

“Why Patient Education Is Vital for Engagement, Better Outcomes. Patient education is key for engagement in pre- and post-care management, chronic disease management, and preventive care access”




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